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Marketing Assignment

Marketing Management Fall 2019 Minji Jung Assignment #3 Students are asked to visit a museum nearby or any location depend on their preference. (FYI, with Clark student ID, students can visit the Worcester Art Museum without any expense.) Then, choose any painting. Or, students can pick any photo, painting, or any scene in a film on the Internet. Next, students make an imaginary story related to Marketing. For example, Korea has different heating system (see the below photos) compared to US. It is called “Ondol”. In its traditional form (the left photo depicts), the ondol utilizes direct heat transferred from wood smoke to the underside of a thick masonry floor. In modern times (the right one), the term ondol refers to any type of under-floor heating in Korean housing. This system makes Korean eat and sleep on the floor. They usually keep the floor warm and clean. Therefore, generally, Koreans do not wear any footwear inside the house, and they don’t want to wear slippers inside, either. < Past – Korea > < Present – Korea > One US company wants to sell its products, slippers and electric fireplace, and target Korean consumers. It indicates that the company needs to build a different marketing strategy to sell slippers or fireplace compared to other countries. < US > < KOREA > Marketing Management Fall 2019 Minji Jung Generally, the company that sells a fireplaces stresses on its advantage of energy saving or fire sound effect at home to US consumers. However, for Korean consumers, the company should build a different promotion/advertising strategy. For instance, the company will try to deliver a certain image such as a luxurious life. Like, “if you have a fireplace in your living, it is a dream house and you can enjoy western life. It also serves as an interior. Where Beauty meets Utility!” Additionally, because of luxurious image, the company can easily charge higher price to Korean consumers rather than US consumers. In conclusion, as a marketing manager, students can think a different marketing strategy toward different consumers. 1. Add one painting, photo, or a scene in a film 2. Suggested length of paper is 3 paragraphs (5~10 sentences).


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