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Correlation and Causality

Make sure to cover all of the following points in your
Discuss what is meant by the phrase, “Correlation
does not imply causality.”
Compare correlation and regression to other types of
“causal” statistical techniques.
Provide real-world examples where a correlation
would be useful and where a correlation would be
inadequate and inappropriate.
Look up a research article from a reputable conference proceeding that uses correlation in its
Summarize that article, its methodology, and the results, and state whether you think using
correlation as a statistical technique was useful and meaningful in that research.
Remember, topics cannot be duplicated, so if you think of an issue and a fellow student has
already posted about that same issue, you cannot use it and must select a different issue to
 Info: Discussion Post Guidelines
Create an initial video post to the discussion forum (frame it as a head shot).
Note: the subsequent postings may be video, audio, or text; yet the initial post must be in video
Engage your classmates in discussions by reviewing and replying to at least two of their
original responses. To ensure that all students receive feedback, reply first to any students who
have not yet received replies from other students.
Answer any additional questions posted in the forum by the Instructor.


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