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Using Definition and Classification to Explain a Concept

Our second paper is an exercise in definition and classification. It is your job to choose a topic that you are interested in. Then, decide on some concept within that topic to explain by define and classify. Try to find a concept that will allow you to both define that concept and point out different types of that concept. For example, “guitar hero”, “soldier”, “gamer”, “athlete”, “leader”, “knowledge”, “love”, “beauty”, “art” etc.
First define the concept.
Give the reader your working definition of the concept.
This should be at least one well-developed paragraph.
Classify and explain the sub-types of your concept using examples and explanation. Try to write at least one well-developed paragraph for each sub-type.
Paper should be at least three pages long, double spaced, TNR or Calibri font size 12, with student information in the upper left hand corner.
Due October 6 on blackboard.


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