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Case Analysis and Discussion

1 Instructions
i) The assignment requires you to answer questions based on the accompanying case.
ii) The assessment of the answers will be based on: a) quality and depth of analysis, b) quality
of writing, c) focused and clear responses to each of the question.
iii) Indicators of good analysis are: a) all substantive important issues are addressed, b) different
sides of arguments are considered and explored, c) the scenarios presented in the case are
associated with the theoretical concepts learned in the class, d) judgments or conclusions are
based on persuasive reasoning/data, and e) the answers are anchored in the context of the
specific facts presented in the case
iv) Indicators of good writing are: a) The writing is free from grammatical and spelling errors,
b) use appropriate punctuation, c) organize text in paragraphs, each paragraph focusing on
something specific, d) paragraphs next to each other are logically connected, e) the text
reads well and the main message of the writer can be drawn easily by most readers, f) the
writing is focused and is specific to the question (is not verbose).
v) Please complete this assignment in the groups formed for completing the business plan
assignment. However, this must be a collaborative effort. Only restricting contributions to
single/separate questions is strobgly discouraged and will adversely affect the assignment
grade. Submit only one analysis per group. Use the provided template.
vi) Please submit a peer review similar to the one submitted for business plan assignment. Use
the template provided in BlackBoard. If a peer review is not received from a group member,
the reviews of other group members will be relied upon. If the reviews are inconsistent among
the group members, assessment of contributions will be made from the “contribution” section
in the main document.
2 Questions
i) Comment on the project team chosen to lead the SAP implementation at NIBCO. Why were
individuals with certain skills preferred? A good answer should analyze selection of each
person having a specific skill.
ii) Did SAP implementation affect business processes at NIBCO? What were these processes?
Please describe. Analyze the benefits or the problems associated with changes if any.
iii) What is VMI project described in the case? What was the purpose of implementing this
project? Was this project a success? Give reasons.
iv) The last page of the case mentions certain questions facing the IT director of the firm
pertaining to the implement a data warehouse. What would be your advice to the CIO in
each of these questions?


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