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Google Earth

The objective of this discussion post is to become familiar with Google Earth and explore a bit about the geology of some well-known Federally-managed areas.

1. Please post your selection for your Google Earth topic in the Unit 3 Topic Selection discussion area. Choose from the following locations:

Acadia National Park Great Sand Dunes National Park
Arches National Park Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Badlands National Park Haleakala National Park
Bering Land Bridge National Preserve Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Big Bend National Park Hot Springs National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park Little River Canyon National Preserve
Canyonslands National Park Kings Canyon National Park
Canyon De Chelly National Monument Kobuk Valley National Park
Cape Hatteras National Seashore Mammoth Cave National Park
Capitol Reef National Park Mount Rainier National Park
Carslbad Caverns National Park National Park of American Samoa
Channel Islands National Park North Cascades National Park
Crater Lake National Park Olympic National Park
Death Valley National Park Petrified Forest National Park
Denali National Park Point Reyes National Seashore
Dinosaur National Monument Rocky Mountain National Park
Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument Shenandoah National Park
Glacier National Park Thedore Roosevelt National Park
Grand Canyon National Park White Sands National Monument
Grand Teton National Park Wind Cave National Park
Great Basin National Park Zion National Park
Remember, topics cannot be duplicated, so if you see your choice is already taken by someone else, POST A DIFFERENT LOCATION.

2. Locate your area using Google Earth and report on the following as an original discussion post in Unit 3 Official Post:

Latitude and longitude (center of park/monument)

Screenshot of the area from Google Earth (use computer’s snipping tool or use the print screen function).

Description of its location—state, region, etc.

How did these landscapes, topography, geology, etc. develop? (Describe the “big picture” and history)

3. In addition, please develop 2-3 questions for another classmate to answer related to the area you described.


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