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Long Report & Presentation

Topic: Integrate Corporate Training Programs during Winter and Summer sessions on campus. (Increased enrollment and dorms stay full all year) Also, offering for professors to travel to a company’s campus at the expense of the company to train their employees.

This project will cover the genre of the long report. Reports are typically a formal response to a research
question. Research is the foundation of a report, as is attention to the needs of your specific audience.
This project sequence will also challenge you to work productively as part of a team. Working in groups
is an important component of most workplaces and it is vital that you learn how to do so productively and
efficiently. For this assignment, your task is to work in a group to identify and research a problem at FIT
and, ultimately, recommend a solution.
Part 1: the collaborative long report
Once your group has determined a topic for this project, begin to conduct a preliminary investigation into
the problem. Gather group knowledge and basic information about the problem to determine your
research question, i.e. the question you would like to answer with this report. Once you have that
question, the true research can begin.
Because you’re working in groups, you will need to assign different research and writing roles to each
member; different members often write different sections of the report. However, as a team, you must
agree on the goals for your section and how your section will fit into the overall report. Ultimately, you
will all be accountable for the content of the report in full so you must work together to ensure the final
product meets expectations. Although some time will be given in class for your group to work on this
assignment, outside meetings will be necessary.
The report should run between 10-12 pages single-spaced (not including the title page, table of contents,
or list of illustrations) using Times New Roman, 12 pt font, 1-inch margins on all sides, and MLA-style
of citations. For specifics on how to cite using MLA, read more here:
https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/. Your report is not required to have a glossary or
appendix. If you chose to include either of these documents, I will count their inclusion as extra credit. !!!!Attention: this is a group project! The 2 pages that I required to contribute to this project is only 2 part! The first part is the discussion part: Universities Providing Corporate Training Programs. (This is the main top and I need some sub-topic for it). Also, the last past: Recommendation.


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