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Assignment: Review of Live Music Performance

Please find a concert on Youtube. Attach the concert’s link at the bottom of the essay.

Find a concert of your choice.

Find a recent one

The concert should be at least 20 minutes in length and there must be an audience present.

Then your job is to write a review of the concert that you find.

The review should be approximately 350 words and should include the following;
Name of event, date, time, venue of the performance, size of the audience
Names of individual performers and/or ensembles
If individual performers, provide some biographical information
If ensembles, provide some historical context concerning the group
List/discuss some of the important pieces/songs that were performed
Provide some background information about these pieces
Describe the performances: briefly retell the story of the performance
Discuss the artistic quality of the pieces
Discuss the artistic quality of the performances of these pieces
Suggest some further opportunities for listening to this type of music

NOTE: You don’t need to pretend you went to that concert !!! It’s just a review of the concert by watching the video !!!


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