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Google’s Organizational Culture & Its Characteristics: An Analysis

Individual Assignment Topic- Autumn 2019

Google’s Organizational Culture & Its Characteristics:

An Analysis

Google’s organizational culture is a driving force that pushes the company to continue its leadership in the information technology and online advertising industries. A company’s organizational culture, which in this business case is the corporate culture, refers to the traditions, customs, and behavioral ideals that predominantly influence employees’ behaviors. Google’s corporate culture motivates employees to share information for the purpose of supporting innovation. […]The corporation actively develops its cultural strengths through institutional measures, like training, and through informal approaches, such as personalized leadership and management support. Efforts to continuously improve the characteristics of Google’s organizational culture are applied to maintain creativity and innovation. […]

Google’s Organizational Culture Type and Its Characteristics

Google has an organizational culture for innovation. The company also emphasizes the importance of openness among employees, as a way of promoting an innovative mindset. The resulting innovation applies to Google’s approaches in competing in various industries. For instance, the company innovates its technological assets and services provided to customers in the online advertising industry. The following characteristics define Google’s corporate culture:[…]

Openness. This cultural characteristic refers to the sharing of information among Google’s employees. The company’s objective in promoting openness is to encourage the dissemination of valuable knowledge that can support further innovation. For example, the corporate culture motivates individual employees to interact with each other at various times of their typical workday, as a way of improving the knowledge they use in their jobs. In relation, Google’s operations management strategy supports this cultural trait through appropriate workplace layouts that facilitate such interaction. Also, the design of Google’s organizational structure enhances the organizational culture by encouraging workers to communicate and share their ideas. […]

Excellence. This cultural characteristic focuses on achieving excellent results from all areas of Google’s business. This characteristic of the organizational culture is integrated in human resource development programs to inculcate an appreciation for excellence among employees. For example, training programs are designed to motivate workers to continually improve their output, and to not settle for mediocre results. In this regard, Google’s corporate culture promotes smartness in the workforce, and pushes employees to strive for excellent work.

Hands-on Approach. Through its corporate culture, Google applies a hands-on approach to human resource development. This cultural characteristic focuses on using experiential learning as an effective way of improving employees’ knowledge, skills, and abilities. Theoretical knowledge is not enough at Google LLC. Workers are expected to learn as they continue in their journey as part of the company’s organization. In practice, this feature of the organizational culture is implemented through policies that support employees’ involvement in projects and experiments. Such experiments test new ideas in support of innovation in product development that affect Google’s marketing mix or 4P. In this way, the company’s corporate culture enhances employees’ experience, including on-the-job learning and training that contribute to human resource competencies.

Small-Company-Family Rapport. Google LLC is known for its support for small-company-family rapport in its workspaces. This cultural characteristic focuses on the social interactions among workers. For example, Google maintains a warm work environment where employees can easily talk and share ideas with each other. The objective in this case is to use the corporate culture as a way of optimizing internal communications and idea generation. This characteristic of the organizational culture also helps Google in optimizing employee morale. In theory, warm social relations in the workplace contribute to employee satisfaction in their jobs. […]


Smithson, N. (2018, September 4). Google’s Organizational Culture & Its Characteristics (An Analysis). Retrieved October 22, 2019, from http://panmore.com/google-organizational-culture-characteristics-analysis.


Google is a learning organization. In 1,500 words, discuss this concept and what actions this company is taking to promote it. Furthermore, critically analyse the positive and negative effects being a learning organization may have on employees and the company as a whole.

Individual Assignment Guidelines

The assignment must satisfy the following rules:

  • Be approx. 1,500 words
  • Follow a basic essay structure
  • Have approx. 8 academic references
  • Include the given title page
  • The line spacing must be 2 (double)
  • The font type must be Arial 
  • The font size must be 12
  • The pages must be numbered in the bottom right corner 
  • Include a final word count
  • Include a final reference list using the Harvard System which is outlined in the KICL Referencing Guide

Submission Deadline: Week 15, 17/02/2020, 09:00

You must submit work for assessment by the stated deadline.  If you do not, the following penalties for written work will apply:  

Number of working days late Penalty Awarded
1 85% of original mark
2 80% of original mark
3 75% of original mark
More than 3 Zero marks awarded


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