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Career Annotated Bibliography


Before choosing your major, you should have determined your interests, talents, strengths, and weaknesses. You should have asked yourself if you were willing to relocate if necessary, how much income you need, and if you wanted to work for yourself or an employer.

The purpose of this writing assignment is to give you the chance to explore information about your career choice and resources after you have entered a major career though this research may make you decide you want to change your career. Ultimately, though, this research should provide you with resources you can use later when you enter the job search.


• Research Galileo and use google.com to answer the questions below.
o Limit your search to current sources – within the last 2 – 5 years. The more recent the better.
o You must have at least ONE source from Galileo.
o Must have at least 3 sources and each source has to answer multiple questions.
• In Microsoft Word, include the source citations (MLA formatting – See examples and watch my videos) to all the sites that help you answer those questions and write each source annotation below the source that helped you answer the question(s).
• In your annotation (located in a double-indented paragraph form below the source citation), indicate which question or questions the source helped you answer. Include both the number followed by the question in parentheses; then, answer the question.
o EXAMPLE: The above source answers Question 1 (What types of careers can you work in after you receive your diploma or certificate?). According to this source, I can get a job as an LPN at various medical facilities, such as doctor’s offices, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and hospitals.
o NOTE: You may find different information for the same question. For example, you may find one average entry-level salary in Georgia as one amount and a different salary on another website. Make sure you use the most current information you can find, but if two websites from the same year offer differing amounts, you can mention in your citation information you learned from another website if you want.

Major: Business Healthcare Technology Diploma-Answers must be 5-7 sentences long. All questions must be answered.


1. What types of careers can you work in after you receive your degree, diploma, or certificate?
a. Clarification 1: For what types of careers or jobs will you be eligible to apply after you complete your education at WGTC? For example, English majors can be English instructors, copy editors, or tutors. They can find careers not only in education but also in technical writing and marketing or advertising.
b. Clarification 2: If you are going into an industry like welding or automotive repair, you may not have the variety of job options like a cosmetologist, but what types of places can you find employment?
2. What is the demand or availability for your career major? Has the demand increased or decreased in the last five to ten years?
3. In what part of the country is the highest demand for your job? Will you have to travel to make the most money? Are you willing to travel or relocate to make the most money?
a. Clarification 1: In what sections of the state?
b. Clarification 2: In large cities or smaller town?
4. What is the average entry-level salary for your job in Georgia?
5. What is the national average entry-level salary for your job?
6. What is the average maximum pay for your job in Georgia?
7. What is the national average maximum pay for your job?
8. Does a salary discrepancy exist between males and females in your chosen career?
a. Clarification: Do men make more than women, or do women make more than men, or is the pay the same for both genders?
9. What is the likelihood that your chosen career will be in demand for the next 30 years (Your working years after graduation)? Use the terms “career trends” or “job trends” followed by your major as your search terms in Galileo or google.
a. Clarification: “career trends in welding” or “job trends in welding.”
10. Once you get a job in your field, will you have to get more education or training to advance or move up within the company or organization?
a. Example: If you have an LPN job at a medical facility, will you have to go back to get your RN to get increased pay or advanced positions?
11. AFTER you receive your diploma or degree (if you plan to switch to a degree-level major before you complete your education), what are three avenues (or ways) you can utilize to find a job in your chosen career?
a. Clarification: You may search for terms like “how to find a job in welding?” or “how to find an entry-level job in cosmetology?” Insert your major into the search question.
12. What are the main job demands or requirements of jobs in your chosen major or career?
a. Clarification 1: You may look for job ads to get an idea of the duties and responsibilities for jobs in your field.
b. Clarification 2: You may try a search question like the following: “What are the job demands of welders?” OR “What are the job requirements of welders?” OR “What are the job responsibilities of welders?” I used the career term “welders,” but you can

Here’s a link to an instruction video if needed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5vBl_LgFDg&feature=youtu.be


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