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Personality Assessment Assignment | Custom Essay Services

Reaction Paper: – Personality Assessment: Students will locate and take an online or printed media
personality test available to the public, free-of-charge. Submit a maximum one-page paper about your
experience taking a personality test. State the name of the assessment, magazine, and/or Internet website.
Include a brief description of the assessment, the method with which you felt the test may have been
constructed, how accurate you feel the results were, and your thoughts on why people are so interested
and eager to take assessments such as these.
See websites below for guidance.
Online assessments
www.queendom.com/minitests/index.html 111 Just for Fun tests

APA reference citation.The instrument is correctly referenced according to APA 6th guidelines.
Mechanics The writer uses standard English and correct grammar throughout the paper.
Rationale. The student provides a rationale for the selection of the instrument. Critical analysis
The student evaluates the reported psychometric properties of the test (e.g., reliability, validity, etc.). Summary A brief summary of the instrument included in the paper.


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