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Flint Michigan Water Crisis Solutions Assignment | Get Paper Help

Expected length and format: essays should run 600-1200 words; the final draft must be “typed” in an 11 or 12 point font like Arial or Times New Roman and be double-spaced with one inch margins on all sides.
• a clear, but brief explanation of the problem
• a narrow and focused thesis expressing a specific and workable solution
• a clear, thorough explanation of the solution being proposed
• attention to other possible solutions and their limitations
• acknowledgement of possible criticisms or objections to your solution
• other applicable characteristics important to argument

Topic: Flints water crisis and how to solve the contaminated water:

Solutions to include in the essay:

-Replacing contaminated pipes.
-spreading awareness of the water crisis.
– Switching back Flints water system back to the original source.
– Volunteering to help the community by passing clean water out.
All these solutions must be presented in the essay.


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