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The First Ammendment of the Constitution Assignment | Online Assignment

Celebrate the First Amendment to the Constitution with a “quote” that illustrates the beauty and power of this precious series of rights! It’s my Favorite:-) There are many fine quotations out there but make sure your quote speaks to the Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion or Assembly. Of course, that everyone must have a different quote, goes without saying…:-)
1. Give us your quotation. Name the author and explain the significance of the author.
2. Tell us which Freedom this quote celebrates. List some additional factoid about this freedom from the testbook or other source. No one may repeat what others have said! Keep this relatively short to let your classmates in on it too.
3. Find a media article from a source you have not used yet that illustrates the freedom you are celebrating and SUMMARIZE IT IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
4. Read your classmates’ postings and comment.
5. Post your sources including complete URL’s.


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