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Annotated Bibliography Assignment | Essay Help Services

Part 1: Choose a topic from the three broad categories listed below, identify a country from the list of 195 member states of the United Nations (see the list here: Member States of the United Nations), and determine the status of women in that country within the topic you have chosen. Create a thesis for that topic, research that topic and write an annotated bibliography for the sources you chose.
Part 2 2. Then choose one topic from among those listed below:


Political Rights (including voting rights)

Economic Equality
Part 3 Within that category choose a country and research the changes women in that country have experienced with regard to the category you have chosen

Part 4 Formulate an argument (develop a thesis) about the country and category you have chosen.

Choose at least four sources, one of which must be a primary source, including articles, or e-books from the library database, to use in your research. You may also use your textbooks, but the sources you choose are in addition to your textbooks.

7. Write an annotated bibliography that begins with your topic, thesis statement, and lists each of the four sources you have chosen (three may be secondary sources, but at least one must be a primary source), summarizes each source briefly, and explains how that source will contribute to your paper.


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