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Language and Literacy Philosophy Statement Assignment | Essay Help Services

A well developed philosophy statement is one that demonstrates thoughtful reflection. It should not be exclusively based on your experiences as a student, but a combination of experiences, curricular, co-curricular, and personal. Before you begin writing your philosophy statement, you should spend some time thinking about the questions below. You do not have to address these questions in your statement; they are only here to help you reflect.

Why is it important to teach language and literacy in the classroom?
What is the purpose of language and literacy education?
What is your role as an educator as it relates to equity, if any?
How will you address diversity in the classroom? How will you balance the needs of individual learners with the needs of the entire class?
How do you build a community of learners?
What are your beliefs about how children learn?
How will your beliefs about how children learn impact your teaching, especially as it relates to classroom management, instructional strategies, curriculum design, and assessment?
How will you bring a global awareness into your classroom?
What will be your relationship with the community, parents, teaching colleagues, administration?

This is an essay should be in the four paragraph. Need well organized


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