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Argumentation Essay Assignment________________________________________
Arguments focus on issues about which there is some debate; if there is no debate, there is no argument. For this essay, you will need to choose an issue, argue a position, and support it with evidence. You must present a convincing, reasonable, researched, and persuasive argument on a controversial topic.
This essay will require you to do some research. You will be graded on the quality of your choice of sources, as well as on your citation style.
Your paper is expected to do the following:
• Take a clear stance on the issue.
• Appeal to and respect your audience — avoid insulting, loaded language.
• Avoids using the personal pronoun “I” or the second person pronoun “you.”
• Acknowledge opposing views.
• Provide credible evidence to support your stance.
• Include a works cited page with two carefully selected sources of information.

Topic Selection
You must get your topic approved by me.
Please do not use the following topics:
abortion | gun control | legalization of marijuana | capital punishment | steroid use

Assignment Process
1. Write a thesis statement that takes a clear position.
2. Collect data to support your position using library databases, books, or the Internet.
3. Support your topic with facts, statistics, examples, and expert testimony.
4. Make a list of the possible arguments your readers might raise against you. Think of ways in which you can respond to those objections in a reasonable manner and explain why the reader should find your overall argument more persuasive.
5. Convey an appropriate tone. Avoid sounding illogical, self-righteous, condescending, confrontational, vengeful, or overly-judgmental.
6. Avoid logical fallacies.
7. Conclude the essay in an effective way–by summarizing major points, calling for action, and/or looking to the future of this issue. Repeat or restate your thesis. Drive home the importance of your argument, and make sure that your conclusion is the strongest, most dynamic part of your paper by stressing the importance of the argument you have made.
8. Avoid run-on sentences, fragments, comma splices, parallelism problems, dangling modifiers, missing commas, and other grammar problems.

Research Component
You must conduct research to locate periodical articles, a book, or web sites on your topic. You will use these as the sources for your essay. Your essay must include a works cited page with two sources written in MLA format.


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