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Global Christianity Assignment | Custom Essay Services

DISCUSSION FORUM: Global Christianity in the News (orig post by Apr. 23; replies by Apr. 26)

Discussion Questions :

Today’s discussion will focus on the ways Global Christianity shows up in the news. You should use these websites to read the current news on Christian issues today before entering the discussion:







In your original post address ALL of the following items:

1. After reading the news, focus on one (1) news story on Global Christianity (not American) and post the Headline, the URL web link, and a summary of the news story.

2. Explain why you think this is a significant news story, and tell us what some of the issues are involving this story. Does anything relate to material from the class?

3. Pose an interesting question for your classmates to discuss based on this news story.

Be sure your postings engage all questions above.

Also be sure to post responses to at least two of your classmates with a thoughtful engagement with your classmates’ ideas (that is, give more than a brief sentence–explain yourself).

Original post due Apr. 23; respond to 2 peers by Apr 26


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