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Argumentative Research Essay Assignment | College Homework Help

Argumentative research essay. Needs at least five MLA cited sources with MLA worked cited page

Making a Difference/Research Essay

Choose a topic you feel passionately about. Compose an argument to try to persuade people to make a change in their habits or actions to help further your position. While you want to persuade as many people as you can, it is useful to visualize one person when trying to convince people to change. Think of your classmates as your audience. Try to persuade one. That is how the greatest of movements begin. This issue should be something of importance to you. Put real thought and effort into it.

This is a research essay. As such, five outside, credible, sources are required. All documentation needs to be in proper MLA style. Without five sources, you may lose up to 50% of the grade. It is to be 1,500+ of your own words. (That means 1,500+ words not counting the “Works Cited” page and direct quotes). In all practicality, it will be closer to 2,000+ words.

Do not submit it as an attachment. Copy and paste/or type directly in the “text submission” box.

Due Apr. 21 (worth 15%). Make a difference.


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