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Corona Virus as Online Classes Assignment | College Homework Help

The assignment is about your experience with learning ONLINE during this Corona period. You will write a complete detailed descriptive essay of your experiences with learning ONLINE during the current Corona period only. In your writing you must describe your experience in each class WITHOUT mentioning any names of any of your teachers. (my current classses are 1 English class /1 writing class/ 1 health and computers class.
The format of the assignment will be as follows:

1- Write a general introduction that describes your thoughts and feelings when you learned that the class will be ONLINE only until the end of the semester instead of being face to face. In the introduction, make sure to mention how many classes you are taking and what are these classes.

2- After the general introduction, you will write SEVERAL PARAGRAPHS to describe in details your personal experience during the Corona period Only and focus on each class you are taking this semester. Write about each class separately. Write as much as you can and give examples to explain what you mean.

3- In the last concluding part, explain whether or not you would recommend ONLINE learning and be very specific. You can even write the last part in the format of a list.


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