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Post_Culture Understanding Ourselves and Others Assignment | Get Paper Help

The objective of this discussion post to discuss culture and recognize its vast fluidity.

1. In Discussion Post_Culture, you will listen to the following:

A. Lecture 1 on YouTube about Culture. Click on the link below for the mini-lecture.

B. Lecture 2 on Youtube about Culture. Click on the link below for the mini-lecture.

C. Ted Talk: Pop Culture in the Arab World, click on the link below to watch or read the assigned material. (https://www.ted.com/talks/shereen_el_feki_pop_culture_in_the_arab_world#t-189335)

D. The podcast: Invisibilia: Rough Translation. Please click here (https://www.npr.org/2019/10/18/771319514/rough-translation-libert-galit-and-french-fries) to be redirected to the podcast.

E. The podcast: Invisibilia: High Voltage, please listen to this 37-minute podcast about an indigenous group. You can click on the link below. (https://www.npr.org/2017/06/01/530936928/emotions-part-two)

2. Provide a brief summary of all the assigned materials. I would recommend a minimum of two to four sentences for each assigned material. Label them by 1A, 1B, etc…

3. Share and describe something that you still practice in your culture, and discuss the origins (history) of it, such as religion, the origin of country or family tradition. For example, I am Mexican-American and when I travel to Mexico, I kiss the cheek of my friends when we see each other; yet, I do not practice this in the United States. In Mexico kissing cheeks is something that is done among known acquaintances. It is considered very forward to kiss someone on the cheek if you just met them. You may kiss them on the cheek the second time you meet.

(*African culture or Black American culture)

4. Then discuss an aspect of your culture that you have changed due to cultural shifts around you and how you feel about it. For example, I am Mexican American and when I was 15, I was supposed to have a Quinceañera, but due to growing up in a mostly white working-class community, I opted not to participate in this celebration party of dressing up in a gown and having a formal dance in my honor. At the time when I found it quite embarrassing because none of my friends had such a birthday celebration when they were 15. Though today, I recognize the value of this celebration, and it still continues in many communities; despite, my own experience, which made me feel ashamed of my own culture and identity.

(*African culture or Black American culture)

5. This post should be about 300 to 700 words minimum.

6. write 2 people’s opinions about any of the posts culture videos. The responses should be about 50 words in length. don’t forget to number the video or the audio that they choose to talk about.

8. Please write your post so it corresponds with each number. Do NOT write one long essay. You will receive 20 deduction points for not numbering responses.


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