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Inflammatory Bowel Disease Assignment | Essay Help Services

] You should write a review paper – MINIMUM of 5 pages – font size 11 and single spacing [this doesn’t include the title page and reference pages or any diagrams, pictures, etc], describing your microbe[s]. Your paper should consist of:
The main part of the paper can be sub-divided – see the attached review paper as a reference.
This should be a general review of all aspects of your microbe[s] but contain a major part dedicated to the disease properties.. This should include a list of references [peer reviewed articles] – NO WIKIPEDIA – NO TEXTBOOKS – NO QUOTES – NO WEBSITES [unless using statistics from CDC or WHO]. For a good grade this should be of publishable quality – references should include links to complete papers that I can access – if you do not have a link to a paper on the web then you should have a hard copy of the paper and should hand them in with your completed paper – for every link that I cant access there will be a deduction of points – there should only be links to published papers or “official” websites e.g. CDC – there should be no links to general websites AND DEFINITELY NO WIKIPEDIA – ANY COPIED WORK [including taking a sentence and changing a word here and there] WILL RESULT IN A GRADE OF “F” – COPIED WORK WILL ALSO BE SENT TO THE ACADEMIC STANDARDS COMMITTEE


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