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Elevator Pitch Assignment | College Homework Help

Imagine you want to work for a Fortune 100-500 company. Amazon, Google, Microsoft or Samsung have openings but in order to get an initial face-to-face interview you have to send in a 4-5 minute video presentation of yourself. What do you talk about? How much information should be included? Should I over sell myself or keep it neutral and how do you sell yourself in 4-5 minutes? All of these questions should come to mind as you must create an Elevator Pitch intended for a recruiter at the company/job of your dreams?

You will need to research various elevator speeches and sales pitches as now you have become the ultimate salesperson and your career/grade depends on it. You will need an attention-getter and conclusion and submission of talking points (Body section) in a MLA formatted outline of your choice. The outline can either be informative or persuasive depending on what angle you take in presenting yourself. Don’t forget to add your personality as no one wants to hire someone that doesn’t read, speak or present themselves well. You cannot make edits to the video, no sound effects, graphics or gifs. The only thing that should be seen in the video is you.
please include a cover letter


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