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Latinx Literature Persuasive Assignment | Get Paper Help

ENG 60, LE: Latinx Literature Persuasive Essay
Option Of Books to write about: Under the Feet of Jesus by Helena María Viramontes; ISBN: 9780452273870
So Far From God by Ana Castillo; ISBN: 9780393326932
Unaccompanied by Javier Zamora; ISBN: 9781556595110
House of Broken Angels by Alberto Urrea; ISBN: 9780316154895
The Meaning of Consuelo by Judith Ortiz Cofer; ISBN: 9780807083871
Heart Like a Window, Mouth Like a Cliff by Sara Borjas; ISBN: 9781934819791

For this essay, you will make an interpretive argument requiring literary analysis to support it.

Feel free to build on your ideas from previous essay writing, journals, and course discussions. That said, expect this essay’s analytic efforts to exceed these initial levels of nuance and development. Please select one of the below approaches for your Long Essay.

Option A: Develop a persuasive argument based on two of the course texts
In this essay you must:

1. Identify a common basis for analysis between two characters or elements of your chosen texts.

Key note: While there are many similarities across the course texts, consider the analytic value of putting these texts in conversation with each other: What interpretive problem does your comparative analysis reveal, clarify or resolve when taken as a pattern? (For example, analyzing the role of gossiping/chisme in The Meaning of Consuelo and House of Broken Angels might reveal a specific nuance of Latinx family hierarchies.)
Option B: Develop a persuasive argument based on one of the course texts
In this essay you must:

1. Identify a compelling interpretive problem found within your text

Key note: In selecting your essay subject you must first identify an interpretive issue in your primary literary text. As a reminder, an interpretive problem means that even a good reader might possibly come to a different reading / understanding of the primary focus of your analysis. In selecting your subject consider those elements/passages which offer more than just plot development and instead lend themselves to inquiry and analysis.
Options A & B continued: For either option, you will then:

Make an interpretive argument requiring literary analysis and research to support it:

2. Write persuasively toward your literary interpretation in order to contribute some insight into the identified issue or problem.

3. Explicate your thesis claim with textual evidence / literary analysis. Pursue these ideas with a focused and cohesive line of reasoning.

Key note: Textual evidence & literary analysis > your main form of evidence is analysis of passages within the primary text(s) at issue. You will want to have a very clear idea of which passages most usefully open up the problem that you wish to discuss and which passages support your main interpretive claim. Likewise, do not simply rely on plot summary or broad thematic observations to do the work of textual analysis.
4. Contextualize your essay with appropriate critical sources and primary text references.

5. Develop essay structure and organization: Organize ideas at a paragraph and paper level. See “parts of essay” details further down.

Essays will not be graded down for innocuous points of grammar. However, grading will weigh such qualities as cohesive, focused and connected lines of reasoning; well ordered paragraphs and pages; thoughtful formatting especially around references and quotations; sufficiency and completeness of persuasive stance; meeting of assignment requirements ( A/B, #1-5).
Parts of the Essay
See Introduction handout
Effective Thesis statement w/ focused line of reasoning
Body paragraphs
Organized, cohesive, & logically connected essay development
Tip: For option A, carefully consider the essay organizational options unique to analyzing two texts, such as point-by-point, or text 1 then text 2.
Citations and quotations are properly formatted, includes framing and responding analysis
Brief, substantive paragraph what reiterates the purpose or “so what” of the essay. By the end of the essay, a reader should understand the stakes for your interpretation.
Course Texts: You have a choice of what to write on but your essay must draw on at least one book a (novel or a book of poems) from the course readings. In option A, your second text may be another full length book or one of the short stories. If choosing option B, you cannot choose a short story as your sole text)

Required: 1 or 2 of the course texts; 3 secondary sources (Anzaldúa or Gallo may be used as one of your secondary sources)
Assignment Objectives
Demonstrate knowledge of key concepts in Latinx literary texts, especially as related to cultural identity formation and your argument. Writing and analysis may touch on identity concepts such as those of race; ethnicity; sexuality; language; gender, class and socioeconomics; religion and spirituality; colonization; migration, immigration, exile, and citizenship.
Effectively locate, use, and respond to primary texts, especially those passage which offer interpretive complexity and/or tension
Organize and make new knowledge through literary analysis (effective framing, summary, analysis, synthesis)
Effectively locate, use, and respond to secondary research supporting insights and perspectives.
Articulate, develop, and communicate ideas in persuasive, academic essay processes
Document Requirements:
Essay Length:
Essay: approximately 6 – 10 pages + Works Cited
No penalty for going over/under recommended page length
Grading based on effectiveness of interpretive argument and completeness of parameters.
MLA Formatting (prefered)
Other citation style options, such as APA, by advanced request
Appearance: Typed, double spaced, 1inch margins, 11or 12 point font of Times New Roman, Garamond or similar.
MLA Works Cited page
1 or 2 primary texts
3 secondary sources: Acceptable sources: peer reviewed academic article and/or book reviews from literary journal
First LastName
LE: Latinx Literature Persuasive Essay
ENG 60 (Course)
Due date (or, actual date if late)
Header: last name & pg#
Non-Boring Title: centered, 12pt, regular font
FILE NAME: LastFirst-LE.Eng60.PDF


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