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Migration Diaspora, or Sinophone cinema Assignment | Online Homework Help

Students can choose writing a research paper as their final projects. Student can write a research paper (6-8pages), in which one has to probe into meaningful research questions on migration, diaspora, or Sinophone cinema,while showing his/her understanding of Chineseness. This final project is a piece of original criticism on a relevant topic, text, image, or critical problem. Ideally, the research paper will result in a stunning conference paper that combines your particular research interest in Sinophone filmwith knowledge obtained from the course. Your paper should integrate at least 2 scholarly articles with your own analysis of a work. In other words, you use other scholars’ research to support your own argument about the film. The article must come from a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal (e.g., PMLA, Journal of ChineseCinemas, etc.). On Week 16, students will turn in their papersin class.


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