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Designing a Face Mask Assignment | Online Assignment

Use your innovation to design a face mask that cools the wearer and can be worn during 80 to 100 degree F weather and above comfortably. Do not buy anything for this assignment. Use what you have

Your upload is one PDF :

(1) Start with an Introduction. Describe the problems and issues that may occur with wearing a mask in hot to extremely hot weather. (minimum of 4 issues should be outlined and fully described) Be sure to consider individuals with other underlying medical problems. UV protection should NOT be a consideration. Do not rely on use of special materials to solve the problem. Focus on the thermodynamics of wearing a mask in the heat. Think deeply.

Add images to your pdf:

(2) Minimum of 4 images of how the mask is made step wise- you must make it. Do not use images from on-line

(3) Describe the design of the mask and how it keeps the wearer cool. Be sure to state how it address the issues you came up with in the introduction and still offers containment.

(4) Place the mask on a form to show how it should be worn. This could be a person or a teddy bear etc. Image front and back

Try to be very creative and come up with a design that you would want to wear when the temperature is very hot this summer.

Grading is 25 points per section

We will discuss ways in which the class can share their creations with the entire class, so you can see what others have created after the exam is uploaded. We may all be wearing one of these creations this summer so make something great!


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