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Culture Assignment | Online Assignment

Instructions: Write a 250 – 500 word short essay that answers the following questions in essay format, using full sentences and correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Including proper references is important. You are not required to cite in-text, but you must provide properly formatted references in the Works Cited section at the end of the essay.
-Tip: As you cover one of the five features, cross it out or check it off, so that you know what you have finished and what you still have left to finish! This will help you to keep organized and make sure you answer the question fully.

-Required References: This assignment requires you to cite the Boesch reading, which can also be a handy reference as you tackle part 2. You must also have at least one additional reference for the evidence you use in part 2. So your requirements are at least two references.

-Essay Prompt: Culture is a much debated topic and even the Lesson and readings leave some ambiguity. Answer the following two-part question in your short essay.


1 -In the Lesson, you learned about five different ways that human culture differs from behavioral traditions in other animals: multiple variants, variation across communities, cumulative cultural change, active teaching, and imitative learning. Provide example(s) of a cultural behavior that demonstrates these five features. You can use a single behavior or multiple behaviors, but make sure to cover each of the above features. Overlapping is okay, but make sure to explain your reasoning why the behavior(s) demonstrates each feature!

2- Now that you have explored human culture, in your opinion, does culture exist in non-human primates? Provide at least one piece of evidence to support your claim. Describe your evidence in detail and explain why it does or does not support the claim of culture in non-human primates.


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