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Final Reflection Paper & Video Review Assignment | Get Paper Help

Please watch the videos found at the following links:


Conquer the Clock (time management): https://youtu.be/sEuyte8U6pc

Stress Management: https://youtu.be/lF62NOuK8Jw

Beat Procrastination and Make the Grade: https://youtu.be/eR1r_C-wtFc

Cornell Notes for Math Courses: https://youtu.be/EkPax3P9kb4

Netiquette: https://youtu.be/OLAsxID6k4A

Final Assignment:

This has certainly been an unprecedented semester for college students at the University of Toledo and all around the nation! The videos above provide important tips to help ease the transition to remote learning during the current COVID-19 crisis. Please reference the above video links, as well as information we have covered throughout the semester to complete your final assignment:

Please write a 1½ – 2-page personal reflection paper, in a typed Word document (12pt. font, double spaced) about this Spring 2020 semester. Address the following prompts in your discussion…

1-Which two videos above did you find to be most helpful and why? How do you plan to utilize the strategies discussed in those videos?

2-Think back to our Campus Resource Project. While on campus, what resources did you use as a student at UT, and/or what organizations did you become involved in? Are there any resources you can continue to use remotely? Are there any campus activities/organizations that you would like to join in the future when you return?

3-How are you doing in your classes now that they are all online? Given the current situation, what challenges have you encountered this semester? How do you plan to overcome those challenges (if any)?
4-If you could give one piece of advice to freshmen in college, what would that be and why?

Your well-thought-out answers to these questions should be enough to fill 1½ – 2 pages. However, if you are short on length, feel free to include any other relevant information from your semester as


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