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Problems in Securing Company Data Assignment | Essay Help Services

Problems in securing company data (Technical Recommendation Report)



A recommendation report presents information needed to suggest a solution to a problem or need. For this assignment, you must choose a problem or need that addresses a technical problem in a business, community nonprofit, school, or other organization.

What is a technical problem or need?

As you have learned from your text and from the course assignments, “technical” has many interpretations. Here are some examples of a technical problem or need:

a lack of a specific type of equipment needed in a manufacturing industry
an outdated registration system in a community health clinic
ineffective traffic flow signage in a busy coffee shop or restaurant
a poorly written, unclear employee instruction manual in a workplace
In each of these examples, your job as a technical writer would be to present a report that recommends a solution. You must identify your audience and provide thorough information about your recommended solution. The latter will require you to use outside sources. Refer to the online library research guide link on our Canvas Home Page for step-by-step instructions for how to choose, locate, and cite the appropriate sources.

As you consider what your topic might be, think about businesses you use frequently (online or in person), places you have worked or where you work now, schools, organizations you are involved in, or any other situations where you notice some sort of technical problem or need that you have an idea for solving.

Research Requirements

You will need to research your topic in order to provide evidence that your solution is the best one. External sources must be cited that support your argument, give you credibility, and show that you have thoroughly investigated the topic and situation.

You must use at least 4 secondary sources and at least 1 primary source for this report.

Secondary sources are any data or information that is published, such as:

Articles in trade journals, popular journals or newspapers
Web pages (as opposed to entire websites)
Book chapters or passages
Recorded interviews or videos
Primary sources are data and information that you collect yourself, such as:

Personal interviews (by phone, Skype or face-to-face)
Observational data (you saw it yourself and recorded it in some way)
Results of a survey you created and conducted
Images (photographs, videos) that you took
Please note: your experience or opinion does not count as a primary source. Primary simply means you created or collected the data, not that it came from your head.

The Report. Introduce your topic with a thorough description of the problem or need and give evidence, citing the sources, that it is a genuine problem or need. Then describe your solution, again, citing sources that support your claim that this solution is the best.
When presenting your solution, use criteria such as:
Feasibility (can this solution actually be implemented?)
Time required to implement solution
Potential to resolve the problem or potential to fill the need
Sustainability (are there ongoing costs involved with the solution?)
Use subheads to organize this section. The above criteria might be used as subheads.

Conclusion and Recommendation. Conclude with ONE paragraph that does the following:

Sums up your argument, emphasizes your rationale, and proposes your recommendation(s).
Be specific about how the organization will benefit from your suggestion.
Lists the recommendation or steps in the recommendation.
Cites your sources on a separate page, in a Works Cited list, using MLA citation style. Sources must be dated within the last five years.

Your report must be single-spaced, using standard 1-inch margins on all sides, use an appropriate font such as Calibri or Times New Roman, and make use of appropriate and effective visual strategies, such as headings, sub-headings, and lists.

You may also find it useful to include:

all or part of a fact sheet
step-by-step instructions
All visuals MUST be accompanied by an appropriate, informative caption, and must be referenced directly in your narrative. Sources of visuals may be included in your Works Cited section, or can be cited in a separate list of their own.

Your report will be evaluated on your use of technical writing strategies, adherence to assignment requirements, appropriateness of your visuals, the strength of your argument, the persuasiveness of your recommendation, and the clarity and accuracy of your writing.


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