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Material Engineering Assignment | Custom Essay Services

I need a full case study detailed about (why we need to move from metallic to non metallic pipes for the crude oil) or if you have similar topic related to mechanical engineering you can tell me the topic and then i will decide is it ok or not.

The case must have the following:
– Objective
– Problem description
– analysis
– solution
– recommendation
– conclusion.

Also, numbers and data is a must in the case, and if there are some calculations show them.
Plagiarism will be checked.
Put all the sources at the end, all sources must be reliable, and when an information is written put the name of the source in bracket at the end of the sentence.
There must be some figures and mentioned in the text. It is great to have tables.
All must be clear and understood.
The case can be between 4 to 6 pages (including everything, words, figures and tables).
Again! Everything will be checked for plagiarism and max is 5%


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