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Music Class Assignment | Custom Assignment Help

Music class- Listen, watch and analyze what’s highlighted from each video
1) Tone Color -Eleanor Rigby – Watch on YouTube “The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby (From “Yellow Submarine”)” (2;11 mints)
Describe the tone color and emotional impact of this song. Listen to the lyrics, the melody and how it blends with the strings. You may also connect the animation into your response.

2. Beat/Tempo/Meter Danzon #2 -Watch on YouTube for “Gustavo Dudamel ~ Danzón No. 2 (Marquez) ~ Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar” (9:41 mints)
Using the terms from Music class identify the meter of this piece and describe the various tempo changes. This performance has a lot of variety so please cover the entire performance. When using any term you must also describe its meaning. Just using the term will not give you full credit.

3) Watch on YouTube for “Stravinsky’s Firebird Part 2 (Finale) MTT” (4:33 mints)
Write about the Dynamics- Firebird Suite Finale Discuss using our terms what changes occur in dynamics each time the melody is repeated. *

4) Watch on YouTube for “Most of the Time” (5:05 mints)
Write about the Texture- Bob Dylan Most of the Time. What is the texture of this pop music classic? You will be describing the following: 1. What is the texture of this song and give a definition to support your choice? 2. What are the other two types of musical texture? Give their definition and why those would not apply to this song. *

5) Watch on YouTube “Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4 (Movement IV) with Gustavo Dudamel and the LA Phil” (9:01 mints)
Tchaikovsky Symphony #4 Finale- This is an open ended response. Imagine yourselves at this performance. Describe this exciting finale using the elements of music. Sound/ Rhythm/Tempo/Melody/Harmony/Form and Texture. Remember to use the terms and include their meanings.


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