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Project Presentation Power Point Assignment | Essay Help Services

An important part of any research project is sharing your experience with others. For this class you will prepare what would have been a 5-7 minute PowerPoint presentation that will tell one particular story from your semester-long experience. You might focus on a particular aspect of what you learned about the question you researched, or you could focus on what you learned about a part of the research process. Or you could focus on what you realized you really want to find out now that you’ve laid the groundwork.

As you consider what you want to focus on, think about what you want to share, why you think it is meaningful, and what you think we should remember.

In general, stories have beginnings, middles, and ends. They may give lots of different details, but they are arranged in a way that shows how they are related to each other as well as to a unifying topic or theme. Stories also tell listeners something that’s important, in other words, they share some kind of meaning.

Just as in writing, you will make claims as part of telling this story, and you want to back those claims up with specifics. Be sure to properly cite all your sources and include a Works Cited page on your final slide.

You want to keep the text on your slides to a minimum. The slides should help the audience take in what you are saying by focusing or illustrating your points, not spelling everything out.

Refer to the “How To Make a PowerPoint”Preview the document PowerPoint for more hints and details. Most presentations will consist of a title slide, 4 or 5 content slides, a final slide that really resonates, and, if you used sources for statistics or info that is not common knowledge, a list of those sources (cited correctly in MLA). Don’t put too much text on your slides though. Save slides for high-impact images and info, bullets, etc.


RUBRICPreview the document linked here


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