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Sex Trafficking and how the Internet has Increased it Assignment | Essay Help Services

Title page (not part of the five-page requirementt)
Introduction (an abstract is NOT required)
5 pages of original work (direct quotes do NOT add to the final page count). Be advised that pages beyond 5.5 are not reviewed.
References section (not part of the five-page requirement) that includes at least 10 reliable sources (Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source)
Use citations that substantiate all statements of fact
Formatted in a way that meets minimum collegiate-level expectations, e.g., APA or MLA
ONLY 12 font
ONLY Times New Roman
ONLY double-space, no additional spaces before or after sentences or between paragraphs (FYI: I read everything in a formatting view)
1-inch margins
NO running headings & do not insert spaces into the heading or footer
Hard copies are not required; however, electronic copies are mandatory. That is, I will not review any paper that is not submitted through the course Blackboard site or in some extraordinary situations emailed. A link is activated within the course Blackboard site prior to the paper’s due date.
PDF copies are NOT acceptable
Links to a shared file, e.g., Google Docs are NOT acceptable
Only MS Word or another editable format that complies with those formatting requirements listed above is acceptable
If an uploaded file is blank, the paper is deemed late if re-submitted after the stated deadline
If an uploaded file is not retrievable; that is, I can not download the file on a COD issued machine, the paper is deemed late

the text boook needs to be used a bit its called

cybercrime and cyber terrorism fourth edition
isbn-13 978-0-13-484651-4


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