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Sexual Harassment effect on Employees and Human Resource Assignment | Online Homework Help

Sexual harassment amongst the employees and the strategies of its eliminating in HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT

The deliverable for this assignment is a 2500-2000 word report (this does not include your reference list or cover sheet) on an HRM topic that interests you. The use of APA reference style is preferred but not required. The paper will consist of an Executive Summary or Abstract, Introduction which includes an overview of the topic, a question you would like to answer or a problem you would like to solve, as well as your reason for choosing the topic.

Next: a Review of Literature via an annotated bibliography (see below and please go to the Cornell website link) *, Proposed Solution or Findings (in answer to your question), Conclusion. *The Review of Literature should be completed in Annotated Bibliography format.

The Review of Literature (annotated bibliography) will consist of no less than six articles, at least three of which are scholarly articles. The remainder of the articles may be from trade journals, magazines, and news sources. The articles should be of sufficient length and depth to provide support to your findings.

Your assignment will be graded on successful completion of the following with related points: Cover, Introduction, Conclusion: 250 points Annotated Bibliography (format and content): 500 points Proposed solution and/or findings: 500 points


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