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Leadership Philosophy Assignment | Essay Help Services

Type a 1-3 page statement about your Personal Leadership Philosophy regarding your values and business philosophy that you will share with a team that you have been selected to lead (i.e. provide leadership). Use the following scenario below to prepare for the assignment of your final Leadership Philosophy.
SCENARIO: You are new to an organization and have been selected to lead Operations (1st & 2nd Shifts). You have decided to create a Leadership Philosophy so that those whom you are leading can understand your values, approach to leadership, leadership style, non-negotiables, and priorities for the workforce. They (i.e. the workforce) need to know how you will lead and work with them. You are encouraged to be descriptive in your presentation (i.e. you can use personal experiences). Upon introducing yourself, your Personal Leadership Philosophy must address the following criteria for maximum points consideration:
– Personal Ethic & Values: What you believe in (i.e. such as honesty, effective communication, and respect for others, etc.)
– How you will work: Description of how you will carry out your responsibilities
– Expectations: What you expect of others and what they can expect of you
– Non-Negotiables: What you will demand and what you will not tolerate
– Priorities: What’s important, and in what order
– Leadership style: Authoritarian, Paternalistic, Democratic, Laissez-faire, Transactional, Transformational
In addition to your Personal Leadership Philosophy, write a summary paragraph or two that connects your leadership philosophy to the College of Business & Economics Mission Statement and Student Honor Code.


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