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What is the Relationship between Violent Music and Teenage Behaviors Assignment | Get Paper Help

Unit Four, you will compose an essay that will: (a) inform your audience of an issue that you want to find more information about, and which will investigate a research question of your choosing (b) locate your research within an argument to produce a surprising-reversal thesis to engage your audience; (c) properly and effectively cite your sources in MLA style.

What you need to do:

1. Develop a research question suitable for argument.

2. Use library databases to find scholarly and popular sources.

3. Evaluate the sources you find, determining their credibility and usefulness.

4. Develop a thesis-based structure for delivering your information.

5. Weigh how and where to cite your sources, using paraphrase, summary, and quotation.

6. Use MLA parenthetical citations that link to a Works Cited list for all the material you cite in your unit paper—for quotes, paraphrases, summaries, and anything that is not common knowledge.

7. Consider counter-arguments that challenge your thesis (use your research to help deliver these points)


4-7 double-spaced pages (1000-1500 words) in 12 pt. Times New Roman font plus a Works Cited list in MLA style

One-inch margins

Carefully chosen direct references (quotations) from the text under consideration. Incorporate these quotations using MLA style formatting.

Only can use library soruces from college!! so you’d need to log into into my library account at Saint Paul College


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