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Written Concert Review Assignment | Get Paper Help

CONCERT REVIEW OUTLINE AND GUIDELINES (your papers will be reviewed from plagiarism, please use your own words) https://youtu.be/wmWSjY6NLpk
1. (Upper right) Your name, date, class and instructor. 2.(Centered) Title of Review (should briefly reflect your opinion of the concert) 3. Paragraph 1: WHO, WHERE, WHEN, WHAT- Who performed, what venue, date and time of the performance, what type of music was it? Also, what led you personally to this concert? Any interesting story as to how and why you got there? 4. Following paragraph(s): More detailed statements about the program, as appropriate: who led or conducted, what pieces were performed, who were the principal performers, how well did they perform? Which work did you find most enjoyable and why? Which work did you least enjoy and why? Also, how large was the crowd and its response? How good was the sound reinforcement- did it contribute to or detract from the show? 5. Concluding paragraph(s): Your overall opinion of the concert. Cite other similar concerts that you have attended for comparison if you wish. Would you go again? Do you recommend this group or performance to others? *Throughout the review try to include connections to the material we’ve discussed in class, for example: melody, harmony, rhythm, word painting, and the emotional connections in music.


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