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Non-American Cultural Identity in Film Assignment | Custom Essay Services

Non-American cultural identity in film- this should be done on the Passion of Joan of Arc

Requirement: 1 paper, 3 – 5 pages of text plus a title page, and a Reference page. An abstract is not required for this paper. YOUR CHOSEN FILM FOR THIS PAPER SHOULD NOT BE THE SAME FILM FEATURED IN PAPER ONE.

Point Value: The paper is valued at 200 points

Length Clarification: The body of the paper must be a minimum of 3 pages, and a maximum of 5 pages. Double spacing and size 12 Times New Roman font should be used. Margins should be the standard 1” margins. The Reference page must follow the APA format.

Sources: A minimum of 3 sources must be consulted for the paper. NO WIKIPEDIA or online encyclopedias, please. If a source is listed on the Reference page, it must be cited in the body of the paper. All factual information or theories used in the paper that did not originate in your own thought process must be credited to a source. Very common knowledge does not need to be cited. Assume that your classmates are the audience for your paper, and base common knowledge on that factor.

Topic: Your paper should address the cultural identity and the country of origin, as well as the impact of political and historical events reflected in a film by its director (for example, the reaction against industrialism and the state of the government in post WWI Germany made by the German Expressionist director Fritz Lang in Metropolis). Your film and director should be selected from any of the major films or film segments studied in the course. Please do not select the Americans Edison or Porter. Please remain focused on the specific director and film of your choice. YOUR FILM SHOULD NOT BE THE SAME FILM FEATURED IN PAPER ONE.


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