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Big Data Big Analytics Assignment | Online Assignment

Big Data Paper Instruction Total Score: 40 points Paper Topic and Content: • Please write a paper about opportunities and challenges of big data big analytics in a specific field. For example, if you are a Marketing specialist, you may want to write a paper about “Opportunities and Challenges of Big Data Big Analytics in Marketing” or “specific & narrow Big Data legal and privacy issue.” • Please get to the point right away! That is, begin your argument based on facts or theories from references right away. Since our big data textbook provides all the basic and essential knowledge of big data, there is no need for repeating the same basic and essential knowledge of big data. Deliverables: • Minimum five pages of big data paper, including one cover page and one reference page. Paper Format and References: • Your paper must be typed, single-spaced with one inch margins (top, bottom, left, & right) and use Times New Roman 12 point font. • Your paper must follow the APA Citation Style but do not include “Abstract,” and it must be “single” spaced. Please click HERE for detail information about APA Citation Style. • For your paper references, you can use academic journals, magazines, books, and Internet sources. • You need at least ten references. Please make sure that at least half of references (5 references) are from academic journals, magazines, and books. • Make sure that it is full of three pages. That is, two and a half pages are not acceptable. • Here is an example paper (written by an undergraduate) that I will use as a measurement. That is, your paper quality must be much better than the example paper since you are a graduate student. Please comply with below advice as much as you can to earn a good paper grade. Must Comply with Below ”Writing Paper” Policy: • Write the paper as if it were going to be read by someone who does not know the subject matter. This means that you must cite the authors and the year of publication when you refer to published work. Also, assume that the person reading the paper is not predisposed to agree with you, but needs to be convinced. • Do not present just facts or just opinions. Your aim should be to make an argument backed up by evidence. “Facts” only become evident when they are connected to an argument, and when you show why these facts are relevant to the points at hand. • The best papers consider at least some counter-arguments. Who would disagree with what you are saying and why? What opposing arguments do/would they make and why don’t you find that convincing? Why should a reader accept your argument? You make your own position stronger if you present and refute counter-arguments. Often the best papers begin by presenting the arguments they oppose, demonstrating how such a perspective is flawed, and then showing how their position is more suitable (the most important part of all) • Make an outline of your thoughts before you begin. You can use this outline to structure your ideas, but don’t feel that you have to stick to it too carefully. Outlines are helpful, however, when used to make sure that you have included all of your ideas and that they are presented in a logical order. • The structure of the paper should include an introduction, a body, a conclusion, and a list of references. Each of these sections can include as many paragraphs as you wish. • Your paper will be graded on several different criteria, including the strength of argument, use of research material, presentation and writing style, grammar, spelling, etc. Of course, content is most important, but the writing style, spelling, and grammar can all add or detract from the persuasiveness of your argument. Be sure to edit your paper several times. Again, your paper quality must be much better than the example paper (written by an undergraduate).


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