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Impact of Clinical Depression Assignment | Get Paper Help

You have been asked, as a part of your college statistics course, to research the impact of clinical depression on an individual’s work performance. In 750-1000 words, you will be answering and researching the following questions: 1. Which type of method will you use to study this topic? Qualitative vs. Quantitative. 2. Who will be your chosen participants? What considerations must be undertaken in choosing your participants? 3. What sampling method will you use for your study? What considerations must be undertaken in choosing a sampling design? What challenges can occur in choosing the wrong design? 4. How will descriptive statistics be important for your study? How will inferential statistics be important for your study? 5. What challenges can you face when it comes to generalizability, validity, and reliability? Why are these concepts important to a research study? In this work, you must use your text as a source. You must also use an additional two scholarly sources. This assignment must also be in APA format.


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