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Healthcare Quality Improvement Tools Assignment | Get Paper Help

Case Study Using Quality Improvement Tools City hospital is a 600 bed Level one trauma center located in the heart of a mid-western city. As a large city hospital, this organization sees a wide variety of diagnosis from ear aches to complex medical and surgical diagnosis. The hospital is a Magnet hospital. As the administrator for outpatient services one of the services you oversee is a 50-bed level one emergency room. This ER sees 20,000 patients annually. The diagnosis range from ear aches to major trauma. As the regional trauma center City hospital center has a helicopter service that will transport patients from 50 miles away to receive care from the hospital. Staffing includes 50 ER physician specialists, 25 physician assistants and nurse practitioners along with 150 nursing staff members. Additional personal include receptionists, unit secretaries, social workers and 15 security members. During that past quarter there has been an 33% increase of violent incidences toward staff members. These incidences include two stabbings, and 10 assaults. Due to the increase in violence the entire ER staff is demanding an improvement in work conditions. Using the tools you have been studying design a plan to address it. Also address the points listed in the case study assignment.


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