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A House Divided Assignment | Online Homework Help

Prompt: In 1845, journalist John L. O’Sullivan asserted that Providence has destined the United States to spread out all over the continent of North America. Did other factors, though, play a role in the nation’s westward expansion during the early nineteenth century and before? How did this doctrine influence the U.S. and Mexico? Is it “alive and well” today? Furthermore, are there parallels between the U.S. – Mexican War and the War in Iraq? How should these conflicts be viewed? As just or unjust? Finally, in what ways were the seeds of the U.S. Civil War planted during this period? How was the United States changing in ways that helped bring about this conflict? How does this era remain relevant to the United States today? In order to fully analyze and consider this question you must look at the additional web readings. Please only use these sources: The Lessons of Mr Polk’s War by Jeffery Mankoff origins.osu.edu/history-news/lessons-mr-polk-s-war Bush and the Return of Manifest Destiny by Jorge Mariscal counterpunch.org/2003/02/07/bush-and-the-return-of-manifest-destiny/ It’s 1856 All Over Again by Steve Inskeep nytimes.com/2020/01/09/opinion/1856-election-2020.html How a War Became a Crusade by Jackson Lears nytimes.com/2003/03/11/opinion/how-a-war-became-a-crusade.html


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