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Preschool Observation Assignment | Custom Assignment Help

You will do 1 observation on an preschooler,(length: 2-3 pages, double- spaced and 12 font). Be prepared to spend 1-2 hours on each observation. Your observation is a step by step anecdotal of one (1) child that you choose to observe. You may conduct your one (1) observation on a family member or use You Tube. Here is some more clarity, anecdotal, means write exactly what you see, not what you think. For example, if you go to You Tube, and google a child that is age 6 months. You will write exactly what you see, For example,9:00 am, Johnny picked up his rattle and shook his rattle, 9:05, Johnny then took his rattle and put it in his mouth, 9:10, Johnny took the rattle out of his mouth. You can do this in 5 minute intervals, for 1 hr. This is an example, you can use your own child, if they fit the age requirements, or go to You Tube, and find a video. Use You Tube and find a video, if you don’t have a child in your home that fits the age requirements. If the video is only 30 mins., use it, focus on one child in the video. Infant and Toddler due on May 10th.


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