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Admission Essay to Psychology Grad Program Assignment | Get Paper Help

Hi, I am writing to get into a psychology masters program. English was my second language growing up and I need some editing. I also need a short intro and a short conclusion paragraph. the instructions are: Students are asked to answer the following essay questions as part of the admission packet. Each essay should be 3-5 pages in length. Discuss how relationships with parents, caregivers, siblings, or other significant persons affected your personality development and your interest in becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist. Essays are designed to assess: Insight and self-awareness about one’s own patterns and how they affect work and relationships. Motivation for becoming a therapist. Writing ability. Information to consider when writing the essays: Awareness of one’s personal, familial, and a cultural pattern is important. You are expected to have, and be able to articulate, self-knowledge and self-assessment. Attention to, and coping with, personal and interpersonal problems is important to the role of a MAC student and MET. Appropriate self-disclosure is an important aspect of learning in the MAC, in supervision, and in the required psychotherapy. You are expected to write well as both a graduate student and as a psychology professional. You should be specific as possible in the essays and disclose at whatever level you think is appropriate.mama essay 2


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