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Life-Span and Cultural Factors in Addiction Treatment Overview For this assignment, you will begin to apply what you have learned about life-span development and the role of cultural identity to your evaluation of a potential client’s needs. Choose one of the studies provided in the Project Case Studies interactive. 1. Discuss how theories and models of resilience apply to your chosen case study. 2. Discuss the effectiveness of addiction treatment resources that are available to meet the needs of your chosen case study. 3. Discuss and evaluate how literature in human development, addiction treatment, and counseling applies to your chosen case study. 4. Using your chosen case study, which counseling skills and resources might be effective in an addiction treatment environment? Utilize both course resources and additional scholarly literature to help you think about what community resources and other resources would facilitate client resilience. TONY********************* After a year in a half-way house, Tony has been released on a three-year parole for a sentence involving distribution of amphetamines. While in prison, and again in the half-way house, Tony participated in chemical dependency programs. Tony has neither the means nor the intention to use meth again, but now that he is associating with some of his old friends, he has been offered meth and he is having a hard time resisting the temptation. He has gone to his counselor to ask for assistance. Video: Well, I came in to talk with you because I am really worried. I am trying not to use, but it is getting really hard to resist. No one will talk with me except for all my friends who are using. My job sucks, I live in a rat-hole, and neither my wife nor my kids will have anything to do with me. Life just seems hopeless. Sometimes I think about ending it, but I do not really want to do that. I am having so much trouble sleeping that I a zombie at work, and I am making mistakes that might get me fired and violate my parole for my job. I do not enjoy or look forward to anything. It is hard to see my life getting any better. I am losing weight. I do not have any energy. I get to thinking that if I could just use a little, I would have the energy focus to do well, and feel energized in my life. And at the same time I already know that it is a fantasy, and that if I use again my life will go down the toilet. I feel trapped. That is why I came to you. So, what should I do? APA ***Cite (American Psychological Assoc.) References Burlew, A. K., Copeland, V., Ahuama-Jonas, C., & Calsyn, D. (2013). Does Cultural Adaptation Have a Role in Substance Abuse Treatment? Social Work in Public Health, 28(3/4), 440–460. https://doi-org.library.capella.edu/10.1080/19371918.2013.774811 Five key steps to cultural adaptation: 1. Assessment: target population’s risk factors, behavioral determinants, risk behaviors; potential evidence-based treatments and their internal logic; stakeholders, potential collaborators; agency’s capacity to implement the intervention 2. Selection: use assessment data to select treatment and determine if adaptation is needed 3. Preparation: make necessary changes to EBI (but maintain fidelity to core elements); prepare the organization; pretest with focus groups, test materials for reading level, attractiveness 4. Pilot test the adapted intervention 5. Implementation: with conscientious monitoring of fidelity and outcome How to assess this person: ***include • Identifying triggers to relapse • Beck Depression Inventory • Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory 3 • Addictions Severity Index • Full substance use, personal history, treatment history • Records of prior treatment • • Detoxed and hospitalized three times • What must be taken into consideration: • Reasons for repeated relapses • Relationship of PTSD and failed marriages to substance use • Stressors related to union activities • Health considerations related to presenting problems • Referral to appropriate medical and psychiatric physicians • Prior self-help group participation • Definition of spirituality in his life


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