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Need help to formulate a thesis statement only. Chinese Thesis Statement for Maritime Paper Here is the original thesis statement: “China’s rejection of the 2016 International Court of Justice decision was in reaction to previous territorial claims, the establishment of UNCLOS III, and need for natural resources” Supported by the following outline: 1. Historic Origins of Chinese SCS claims. 2. China revising its SCS claims due to joining UNCLOS III and due to the 1969 CCOP research finding of natural gas in the region. 3. Initial dispute with Vietnam-Paracel Islands. 4. Coercive diplomacy examples (1. 2012 Philippines Scarborough Shoal incident on (2. 2013 Philippines Incident on Second Thomas Shoal. 5. These Philippines-China incidents initiated the Arbitration course with the Philippines and China. Supported by the disputed articles in the case. 6. 2016 Decision- China rejected the findings because the decision was not legally binding by ICJ and China felt they still had legitimate historical claims to the region. 7. Possible Solutions to SCS disputes.


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