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Speech of Information – A speech with the intentions of educating the listener/audience on a specific subject. Informative speeches include but are not limited to descriptions of people, places, events and can also instruct the listener/audience on how to perform a certain action. Directions/Requirements: Proposal submitted to assignment folder, library research, outline submitted to assignment folder with reference page in APA format, visual aid (PowerPoint), 5-6 minutes. Proposals – Speech proposals allow the student the opportunity to present his/her speech idea to the instructor for approval and to receive feedback & suggestions on presenting. Directions/Requirements: Proposals are to be typed and are a basic statement of intent. They identify the topic and the three main points the student will addressed in his or her speech (these three main points will be your thesis of your speech and you will address them in your outline and when you speak). You must state your sources that you are utilizing for your information. Outlines – Formal outlines are your roadmaps to success. Your outlines you submit to the assignment folders are to be formal, full sentence outlines. Please see the example in your content D2L folder. Every outline you submit must be full-sentences and must have a reference page in APA formatting. You have an excellent example in your content D2L folder as well as a template. There are reference guides for APA formatting in your content D2L folder, do not cite in MLA.Example Formal Full-Sentence Outline Summer 2020 Directions – Example – Speech Proposal Summer 2020


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