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Research Problems Select a human/social service organization, which can be where you are currently employed, or where you would have an interest in gaining future employment(LET THIS BE AS A HUMAN SERVICES CASE WORKER FOR DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES SERVICE (DFCS). You will use this organization and research problem as the basis of your final project. Then, identify a social problem that is targeted by your selected organization. Examples of final projects are: program/service delivery design, program evaluation, quantitative or qualitative research on an issue in human service delivery, or other appropriate areas. It is important to select your research problem carefully. The following considerations should be addressed in the assignment: How do you know when you have a legitimate research problem? How would you delineate the subparts of the social problem for your research project? Based on your research problem, write a two-to-three page paper using a minimum of two scholarly sources. In your paper, describe the process of how you made these determinations, providing specific details of this process and how you would plan for such a research project. You will also provide your tentative research question(s) for your final project. Your instructor will provide feedback on the research problem and the proposed research question which will serve as “approval” to proceed with the project


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