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Psych and the Law Assignment | Custom Essay Services


Choose ONE of the following sets of question (option #1, #2, OR #3). Write a 3 page paper (minimum), and include references and citations in APA style. Option #1: Research the various issues faced by juveniles who are prosecuted and punished as adults and address the following: For what kinds of crimes are juveniles more likely to be tried as adults? What kinds of punishments do juveniles tried as adults typically receive? Where do they serve their sentences? What risks do juveniles tried and treated as adults face? Include a real case in your response. Option #2: Discuss the four theories of crime mentioned in your book: sociological, biological, psychological, and social–psychological. Provide real case examples for each one. Then, discuss the different maintenance factors of crime. Is it better to focus on crime prevention or rehabilitation? Option #3: Discuss the various negative effects of rape and sexual assault across the lifespan (sexual assault in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood). Then, do some research on different resources available for victims of rape and sexual assault in your area. What are your impressions of these resources? Are they sufficient? Lacking?


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