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Chicanos Studies Assignment | Online Homework Help

In order to pass this class, you can complete a research-based informative speech. The guidelines would be the same as those posted on Titanium. You will: 1 choose a topic related to course themes (ie. ethnic studies in high schools) 2. develop a research question (ie. Why is it important to have ethnic studies in high school?) 3. use the library portal to find 3 scholarly articles on the topic (peer reviewed articles) 4. find 2 additional sources of information (newspapers, internet articles, youtube, etc.) 5. Develop an informative speech outline (intro, thesis with 2-3 main points, main points with supporting materials, conclusion) 6. Practice delivering your speech 7. Create a 5-6 video speech presentation or slide presentation (8-10 slides).IS Outline Rubric(3) IS Video(3)


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