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Enterprise Data Warehouse for ABC University Assignment | Get Paper Help

Course Project Title:

Warehouse Final (3) CourseProj (1) IS Outline Rubric(3)

You are a Business Intelligence Consultant who has been contacted by ABC University to submit a proposal for creating an enterprise data warehouse. They want to use this data warehouse to be able to see a single view of all university information for students, faculty, and staff. You are going to create a project plan, choose the BI tools that will be used, and give them cost information. There is no actual coding to do FYI. This is all about research and creativity. CourseProj Docx is the full instructions on the assignment Warehouse Final Docx is a sample of a paper from papers in the past projects ABC DOCX IS MY ACTUAL PROJECT IM WORKING ON, PLEASE CONTINUE ON WITH THIS DOCX TO COMPLETE THE FINAL PROJECT ANY QUESTION OR CONCERNS PLEASE NOTIFY.


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