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Administrative Skills – Medical Office Assignment | Get Paper Help

Hello, I would like to get a quote for an Administrative Skills course from a Medical assistant program. I have to create a policy/procedure manual for an imaginary medical office of any kind. Basically, the writer will have to find a manual and paraphrase it. The due date is June 14th and this project has to have 25 pages (double space). Instructions: This project is a policy/procedure manual for your imaginary office. You will work on this project throughout the quarter – both in-class and out-of-class. Your manual will be graded on how complete it is – would it help train a new staff member? It will also be graded on clarity – do your policies make sense? • Your manual must have a table of contents • Each of your pages should be numbered and correspond with your table of contents • The project must be a minimum of 25 pages (minimum = grade of C) • Use double spacing. • PLEASE use spell-check software – you will lose points if you have typos! • Late projects will not be accepted. Suggestions for policies you might have in your manual: • Opening and closing procedures for the medical office • Instructions for taking inventory of and ordering supplies • Job descriptions for the various office positions • Sample staff meeting agenda • List of equipment that needs sterilization/cleaning, including how often this cleaning should be done • List of emergency procedures for fire, theft, power outage, staff no-show (including doctor) • List of emergency procedures for calling 9-1-1 (under what circumstances would you do this?) • Procedures to follow if the office is going to be closed early due to vacation • Policy for scheduling appointments (how much time is given any specific patient? How does your office handle missed appointments?) • Policy for contacting patients for: reporting lab results, scheduling follow up/routine yearly visits, etc. • Policy for giving out confidential patient information – when will you give it out? Under what circumstances? Will the doctor need to be notified? • Policy for sorting and handling incoming mail • Medical charting policy – how will you handle errors and omissions? • Personnel policies such as staff dress code, personal phone calls, use of office computers for email, attendance policy, etc. • Requirements for working in your office – do MAs have to be certified? Carry malpractice insurance? Your manual may include anything you think is pertinent to your imaginary office. I will be looking for creativity and imagination. What sort of things can you put into your manual that will help your office be more organized and create less confusion and ease the training of new employees? Policy Manual Grading Criteria Manual Contents Possible Points Title page with title of paper, name, course, date, instructor’s name 5 Table of Contents 5 Mission Statement 10 Organizational Chart 10 Personnel policies 25 Clinical Procedures (Patient Education, Clinical Charting) 10 Administrative Procedures 25 Closing Statement 5 References 5 Total 100


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